Planning my wedding is making me miserable

A lot of people underestimate how complicated it is to plan a wedding. And since brides are rarely wedding or event planners themselves, it is entirely understandable that they make a few planning mistakes.
That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most useful tips to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Start early!

Couples usually have some idea about the date of their wedding. But, since it’s a stressful event, it can be convenient to start organizing your wedding about a year in advance to take some pressure off the process. That way you will have enough time to arrange everything for your dream wedding!

Do compromise!

Naturally, some tension arises when preparing for the big day. The preparation itself can be very stressful and emotional.
However, you should remember that your wedding day is an expression of your love for your partner, and that love must be the basis of the event! So make compromises. If you are unwilling to negotiate now and then, that dream wedding as you imagine it in your head will not happen anyway.

Don’trestrict yourself to one type of dress

Many brides want to get married in a princess dress or have specific ideas about the dress they like. Unfortunately, they often forget that everyone has a different body and, therefore, a different shape.

The more reliable option is not to commit to any particular style. Try on your dream dress and if it doesn’t suit you, give another dress a chance. The best way to do this is to trust a professional. After all, the salesmen have seen many brides and have developed an eye for which dress fits which shape.

Determine the wedding budget

The budget for your wedding is an essential part of the planning. Options that are far out of budget should be immediately dropped. How do you determine the cost and expenses? Well, start by finding out how much you are willing to spend on every aspect and use this as a guideline.

Determine what you really think is essential and what you could save on. You can also ask other married couples to get an idea of how much they have spent on average.

Consider hiring a wedding planner if necessary

Some couples use a wedding planner when they don’t have the time or desire to take care of their wedding. Professional wedding planning reduces unecessary stress and risk. Supposbly, the professional should be able to find ideas that suit you, to manage the financial and logistical aspects, and to call on his address book.

You will be able to find a professional thanks to magazines dedicated to weddings, word of mouth, forums… Concerning the cost of the service, count between 10 and 15% of the total budget.

What about the photographer?

Certainly, the living memory of a wedding is wanted by all. If you don’t have a large budget to afford a photographer on that day, consider asking a favor from someone you know, perhaps from further away, such as a co-worker you didn’t think to invite, who has a good camera and preferably even a tripod, and ask him or her to come and shoot your wedding.

Even today, with smart cameras and the sticks to back them up, it is possible to do wonders, in addition to free online video editing softwares. The goal is to keep a living memory of your wedding.

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