Why A Thursday Wedding Is Not So Bad?

Most weddings take place on the weekend. After all, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the most beautiful celebration of your life. This allows the experience to take effect, free from everyday obligations and without the hustle of having to work the next day.

The most popular day for wedding ceremonies is Saturday, or maybe even a Friday. But what about a thursday wedding?
As you’ll see below,

Thursday weddings have their advantages too

The first advantage of having a weekday wedding is, of course, the financial aspect. Usually, the rental prices of various services are reduced during the week. For the same budget, you can therefore offer more services to your out of town guests. You could also hire a second photographer or simply make serious savings.

Getting married on a weekday is many times cheaper than getting married on the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the most expensive days to get married. Not only at the town hall, but also at the venue landlords and in the hospitality industry. Photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers also sometimes require additional fees for providing their services at the weekend.

Friday is generally the most popular day to get married. If you want to save your money, it is recommended to get married on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or maybe share the moment with your friends and family on a Thursday. If you get married around noon, you can serve brunch instead of a luxurious dinner to reduce costs, especially if you’ve invited a lot of people.

Another advantage is the possibility to negotiate. Obviously, as all providers are unavailable on weekends for weddings, you have more freedom of choice… and therefore more room to negotiate rates.

Many service providers are available, as especially musicians, photographers, bakers and wedding stylists as well as hairdressers are fully booked up a long time in advance, but mostly rather on weekends.

During the week it is very easy to get an appointment with popular and fully booked service providers. Also locations for the celebration are hardly booked out during the week, so the selection increases enormously.

Some service providers, caterers, hotels and venues even charge lower prices if you book for a day from Monday to Thursday.

Every bridal couple has its own priorities and for some people the place of the wedding ceremony and celebration is crucial. If all the weekends that come into question are fully booked, a date during the week can usually be found.

What about the drawbacks?

On the other hand, most guests have to take time off from work on a weekday to attend your wedding. This may not be possible for everyone, so keep in mind that some guests will have to cancel.

Of course, not all of your friends and family members will be able to take one or two days off in the middle of the week. But by organizing it well in advance, most of them will be able to take either one day or at least join you at the end of the day to celebrate the event in an original way.
As a result, you may not be able to choose a location outside the city, that is too far away for everyone to join you.

TIP: You can also plan your wedding during the summer vacations or any other vacation in which a lot of people are free, even in the middle of the week.

Dealing with your guests

So that all the people who are important to you can come to the wedding, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, it is important to inform about the upcoming celebration very early. So the guests can plan their vacations long in advance.

It should also be considered that despite the early heads up, some people may not be able to come because they simply can’t get a vacation, especially if they have children who can’t be taken out of school.

For single people it is usually easier to take a day off than for families with several members. The bridal couple needs a lot of empathy and should not take it personally if some guests cannot come.

Even if it is the most important day of the couple’s life, a weekday wedding is not the center of other people’s lives. Even if you would like to have all your loved ones there, you have to be understanding if some cannot come on vacation.

Nevertheless, a celebration or a reception during the week can usually be attended by some guests, especially if it is held in the same city. Some people may not be able to come to the wedding ceremony, but in the evening there is usually time.

During the week, less alcohol is drunk and the celebration into the early morning hours is not possible for everyone, but this should not ruin your romantic atmosphere.

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